We will now be fulfilling record requests electronically via ChartSwap,

ChartSwap is a HIPAA compliant platform launched to facilitate electronic medical and billing record exchange between medical providers and law firms, and other requesting parties.  It’s free to register and requestors can use ChartSwap to request, track, pay for and download records.  

To submit requests via use the following steps.

1. Register at as a Record Requestor;

2. Sign in and Search for a Provider, Enter Request Details, then Upload Supporting Documents;

3. Once your request has been reviewed and records are available, you will receive a notification and invoice, which you can pay with a check or credit or debit card.


Requests may still be mailed/faxed, however you will receive a secure email notification when your request has been updated. Simply follow the link in the invite to register and view invoices, records or messages related to your request. If you do not wish to register, please contact ChartSwap or the provider and the request will be fulfilled outside of ChartSwap.




To request a copy of medical records you will need to supply us with the following information:

  • Fill out our Medical Records Request form: Note: You can type the answers into the form and then print them out.

  • Provide one piece of photo identification.

  • Mail/Fax/Email your form to the info below. Note: If you fax/email in your form, you will have to call and pay over the phone.

  • $20 per run report.


Med-Bill Corp.
8646 Castle Park Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Fax: 317-360-0953

This process is in compliance with Federal HIPAA guidelines. Please allow up to 30 business days for your records to be processed and mailed to the specified address.

Although you may fax, email, or drop off your request, processing will not begin until $20 per run report payment is received. If you fax or email the form, you can call with your credit card payment.

For more information regarding your Medical Records Request, contact our office.