About Med-Bill



Med-Bill Corporation is a full service EMS billing and compliance service. Established in 1996 and located on the northeast side of Indianapolis, Indiana, our specialists provide over 50 years of combined experience.

Med-Bill is dedicated to the highest quality of customer care while providing excellent billing and compliance services.  We have a highly knowledgeable staff to provide the best possible support for your EMS practice.

Med-Bill was created to provide EMS organizations with the ability to not only streamline insurance and Medicare reimbursement processes, but also maximize the organization’s ability to recover insurance dollars quickly. If you are providing ambulance services you are probably aware of the complexities Medicare and private insurers expect providers to navigate. Med-Bill navigates through the difficulties and reduces the overhead and costs associated with the billing process. Whether you are a small volunteer service, municipality, hospital, or privately owned, Med-Bill has a solution for you.

Med-Bill realizes the importance of patient confidentiality therefore, all Med-Bill employees are required to attend a certified HIPAA training.


Teamwork - Integrity
Loyalty - Respect
Complete Customer Satisfaction - Commitment to Clients


Med-Bill is committed to excellence in the EMS Community and its patients through advocacy, philanthropy, compliant billing, and superior customer service.

If you have experience in medical billing and compliance, consider joining our team.