How long will it take to set up our billing with Med-Bill?

Med-Bill is very efficient in setting up new clients and their new billing data base! We can have you set up within one to two weeks.

Will payments come directly to us or to Med-Bill?

We can customize payments and deposits to meet your needs, all EFT's will go directly into your account. You can prepare deposits and provide to Med-Bill or Med-Bill can prepare your deposits for you!

Can Med-Bill prepare all of the necessary paperwork to become participating with Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies?

Yes, with additional information from the client, Med-Bill can complete all Provider Enrollment applications.

If our EMT's and paramedics do not obtain a patient signature, will Med-Bill return to us to obtain the signature?

No, Med-Bill will send out a signature form to the patient or guarantor to obtain the signature for you. Med-Bill will let you know any issues on signatures so that you can speak to your staff. Med-Bill's Certified Ambulance Compliance Officers can even come do training for your staff.

What if the EMT's and paramedics do not obtain insurance at the time of service?

Med-Bill's Certified Ambulance Billers will analyze each run report for best payor source, contact the hospital, employer, patient, etc. to obtain insurance information.